Poster Maker System

80 percent of curriculum is still delivered orally.
But…65 percent of your students are visual learners.

Learn OnDemand Poster Maker SystemOur Learn OnDemand Poster Maker System will help you Instruct, Inform, & Inspire your visual learners with full-color educational posters.

Our patent-pending Learn OnDemand® Poster Maker System provides your school with:

  • 1,700+ curriculum-based educational poster templates pre-loaded into the system and immediately available at your fingertips
  • Exclusive Administrative Poster Template Series
  • Spanish poster templates
  • Hundreds of new curriculum-based poster template updates provided to your school free-of-charge throughout the year
  • Templates every week relating to national news, holidays, and global events
  • *Exclusive 100 percent money back guarantee

Just a click of the mouse — and in less than 2-minutes — you will be holding a large, full-color poster ready for your classroom. Easily edit photos, text, graphics, or colors with a few simple clicks using our poster maker system. Or, scan in your original photo and create your own poster.